Campbell Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine – CAHM – offers a proven and highly effective natural treatment plan for those suffering from Tinnitus

Are you experiencing any of these symptoms of Tinnitus?

  • Intense ringing in the ears
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Difficulty sleeping

We understand how you feel and we can help

Our unique fusion of therapies works on all types of Tinnitus

  • Long-term chronic tinnitus
  • Tinnitus with insomnia
  • Recent-onset tinnitus
  • Severe tinnitus
  • Mild-to-moderate tinnitus
  • High pitched tinnitus
  • Low pitched tinnitus
  • Neurological tinnitus
  • Somatic tinnitus
  • Pulsatile tinnitus
  • Unexplained tinnitus

We can eliminate or dramatically decrease your Tinnitus

Our treatment plan focuses on finding and arresting the root cause of your tinnitus. Your treatment plan will be designed using therapies you feel comfortable with which may include acupuncture and custom made herbal medicine.

We treat patients who have been unsuccessful with conventional medicine

Our natural therapies achieve significant, lasting improvement and many of our paitents are now symptom free.  This isn’t one size fits all medicine- this is finding the perfect fit for your body so that you can feel confident in your treatments.

Your body never forgot how to heal itself, it just needs proper support. Your body makes its own internal medicines to fix tinnitus on its own, and our therapies help it do just that.

Resolving imbalances that causes tinnitus do not have to be difficult or take a long time. Simple, targeted lifestyle and diet changes, along with our unique natural therapies, are a concise way to attack the problem head on.

Our patients often see improvement in symptoms within weeks, not months or years.

Our course of action to help you

Frequently Asked Questions

Can natural medicine really help my Tinnitus?

Absolutely. Your body as a whole is capable of healing itself, especially when it has the nutritional support and specialized natural therapies we offer to help it get back on track. We’ve seen this firsthand in-clinic over and over.

Will I have to do some kind of horrible, super-restrictive detox or elimination diet?

Absolutely not.  Our program is all about setting you up to succeed. We find the 2 or 3 “key leverage points” in your diet and work on those. No impossible to follow meal plans or detoxes here.

Do I have to take herbal medicine?

Our experience is that herbal medicine in conjunction with acupuncture is how we see the best and most lasting results.

How long does it take to see results?

People often begin to see improvement after just a few weeks. The nutritional changes and targeted herbal medicine accelerate this process. We bring your body back into alignment so it can heal itself and reduce your Tinnitus.

Will I have to keep coming for appointments forever?

The vast majority of patients don’t need long-term maintenance. Once their condition is resolved, it stays that way.

What are my chances of success?

Results vary, of course. That being said, over 75% of our patients report a significant reduction in their Tinnitus and general health symptoms within a few weeks. However, your situation is unique and once we meet with you we will be able to give you our best estimate of time and prognosis of outcome.