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In simple terms, acupuncture calms your central nervous system. And by doing so, it has a profoundly positive effect on the proper functioning of our hormones, immune system, digestion and circulation.

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Herbal Medicine

Herbal medicine treats the underlying causes of illness rather than individual symptoms and stimulates the body’s natural healing powers. Clinic Campbell offers custom-made herbal formulas specific to you and your needs.

Collin Campbell is a Master Acupuncturist and a highly decorated Herbalist

“I believe everyone desires to find their true power and harmony in life and am grateful to show my patients a path to balanced health”

Licensed Acupuncturist - L.Ac
Master of Science Traditional Oriental Medicine - MSTOM
Diplomate of Canonical Chinese Medicine - DCCM®
Fellow in the Institute of Classics in East Asian Medicine - FICEAM®
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About Collin Campbell
About Collin Campbell